After 9 years of war, sniper attacks continue to kill and main civilians in Taiz

Report context

| This report highlights the ongoing issue of sniper attacks on civilians in Taiz, Yemen, with a focus on incidents in the Sala district.

| Despite a nationwide truce in April 2022, sniper attacks continue, predominantly by Houthi forces. The report examines the case of 9-year-old “Abdul Rahman” in October 2023. “Abdul Rahman” was shot while herding sheep near the frontlines in the Sala district of Taiz.

| His hand was severely injured, requiring expensive surgery that his family struggled to afford. Despite the dire circumstances, community support helped cover the costs, and Abdul Rahman regained movement in his hand after treatment.

| This case underscores the ongoing crisis in Taiz, where Houthi snipers continue to target civilians, causing fear and trauma.

| The documented attacks often target children and other non-combatants, resulting in severe injuries and fatalities. Victims and witnesses report that snipers frequently fire on rescuers attempting to aid those initially shot.

| The Houthis have not responded to inquiries from human rights organizations regarding these attacks.

| The report concludes with recommendations for local and international NGOs, the United Nations, and Houthi authorities to address and mitigate the impact of these attacks, including the cessation of targeting civilians and the provision of medical and humanitarian aid to victims.

Here is a link to the report in English